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If you book a technical inspection through Walter, you'll receive the technical report in your inbox within a week-and-a-half. Our inspections are certified and can be used for your mortgage application.

Cost report

A technical inspection via Walter costs a one-off € 425 including VAT.

Quick service

It takes 1.5 weeks from the application to receiving the technical inspection report.

Visible flaws

Gain valuable insight into the structural condition and visible defects.


A technical inspection via Walter is carried out by an official inspector.

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Questions? We're happy to help.

Is a technical inspection always necessary?

If you're not sure of the state of maintenance of a house, we recommend that you have a technical inspection carried out as a buyer. You can include this as one of the resolutive conditions for your bid. Then you can dissolve the purchase contract free of charge if there are serious technical hidden defects.

When do you plan a technical inspection?

The technical inspection is usually carried out the moment a preliminary purchase contract has been signed.

How do I book a technical inspection?

You can easily book a technical inspection online with Walter. After you've entered the information, you'll receive a confirmation the same day or the next working day. You pay for the inspection when the deed is passed at the notary.

What is looked at during a technical inspection?

A technical inspector looks at the visible state of the entire house, including the outbuildings. This includes checking the following:

- Sewage
- Floors, walls, ceilings and masonry
- Construction, think of the roof construction and the roof boarding
- Stairs, fences and guardrails in the house
- Condition of any windows, frames, and skylights
- All sanitary groups such as bathroom, kitchen and toilet
- Condition of the floors, walls and ceilings
- The condition of the paintwork in the house
- Everything related to the installations (water, gas, electricity, etc.)
- Fire safety
- Condition of frames, windows and doors
- Insulation and ventilation
- Moisture measurement related to wood rot

Is a technical inspection required for a mortgage application?

Sometimes, you need to book a technical inspection for a mortgage with NHG. A technical report is also required if the appraiser establishes that there is overdue maintenance of 10 percent or more of the home value, or if the appraiser advises to have a technical report drawn up.

What happens after I have applied for a technical inspection?

You will first receive a confirmation of receipt. You'll usually get this the same day, although it can sometimes take a working day.

After that you don't have to do much. The technical inspector will contact the sales broker himself to schedule a date for the valuation. You will be notified as soon as it's been scheduled.

As soon as the report has been drawn up, you will receive it by email.

I have requested a technical report but want to cancel it. How do I do that?

If you want to cancel the technical inspection, just send an email to If the inspection has already been done, you can no longer cancel.

We will cancel your inspection immediately after your application. Because our partners then incur costs, we charge cancellation costs.