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Think buying a home is painful and time-consuming?

We thought so too. Walter helps people make better-informed decisions by offering them a 360-view of any home they're looking at — it's easy.
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We get it — you've got better things to do than finding comparable homes and crunching the numbers.

What Walter can do for you
  • Act fast.

    Turn to Walter for instant objective advice, expert info, helpful tools and more.

  • Track your faves.

    Subscribe to updates on a specific property. We'll let you know if anything changes.

  • In data we trust.

    Get on-demand detailed property reports, custom neighborhood analytics, and advice.

  • Data-driven offers.

    Get smart pricing recommendations and tailored insights to help your offer stand out.

  • Share your journey.

    Why carry the burden alone? Share home valuations to get additional insights.

  • Close faster.

    Stay up-to-date about where you are in the closing process and what's coming next.

  • Answer questions.

    Confused about something? Just email, call, or text us. We're here for you, every day.

  • Save money.

    Get full access to our agency team who know how to get the best price for only €9/mo.

  • Stay in the loop.

    Get a financial heartbeat of your home with updates about your home's value.

Walter, the estate agent that helps you negotiate a better price on your new home.

Local Agents
  • Claim to be a neighborhood expert. Walter turns you into one.
  • Rely on an age-old system of gut-feeling.
  • Being at the mercy of your agent's timeline.
  • Act fast with our smart data-driven pricing recommendations.
  • See detailed property reports and neighborhood analytics. Better understand the local housing market.
  • Our dedicated agency team makes everything go smoothly once your offer is accepted.
Online Platforms
  • A digital storefront for local agents.
  • No easy way to get detailed property reports and neighborhood analytics.
  • Little insight into how prices are determined.