Most common resolutive conditions in the Netherlands

Most common resolutive conditions in the Netherlands

Making an offer on a home under resolutive conditions gives you, the buyer, more security. They ensure that you can break the purchase agreement free of charge if things don't go as planned, such as the technical inspection or if your mortgage application. Without these conditions, you owe 10% of the purchase price if you break the contract outside the statutory cooling-off period.

You can give the seller the feeling that the sale is almost certain, by using or not using certain conditions.  Because ultimately they want the same thing you do. That the sale goes through.

In this blog, we list the most common resolutive conditions in the Netherlands.

Reservation of financing

If you bid under the reservation of financing, you can abandon the purchase free of charge if you don't get your mortgage. Usually, you need to be able to show two rejections from mortgage providers before the deadline.

Bidding without a reservation gives the seller more security. You, on the other hand, run the risk of losing your deposit if you are unable to pay for the house. By bidding with a partial reservation, you reduce the amount that has to be financed. This can give the seller a sense of security.

Building inspection

To minimize unpleasant surprises, you can bid on the condition of a building inspection. A structural engineer looks at overdue maintenance and the presence of hazardous substances during a live inspection.

You can make your offer more attractive by choosing to:
Carry out the inspection within the statutory cooling-off period
Get an expert opinion during a walk-through inspection
Link a maximum amount to the result of the inspection


The deposit is the amount you owe the seller if you cancel the purchase outside the resolutive conditions and the statutory cooling-off period. You have to pay it to the notary before a certain date and it is deducted from the final purchase price.
You can pay the deposit via a wire-transfer or bank guarantee. If you have the money lying around, it is better to make the down payment yourself. The bank charges interest on a bank guarantee.

The best conditions for your offer

A good offer is more than just an amount. With Walter, your expert always discusses the offer and the resolutive conditions with you so that you have a good feeling when you agree. They'll also tell you how much chance you have of winning based on our data.

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