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€ 445,000
Home valuation
Walter's Home Value
Good condition
€ 445,000 · € 2,972/m²

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Walter's Home Value
Good condition
€ 445,000 · € 2,972/m²
  • Bod: € 445,000 kosten koper;
  • Datum notariële eigendomsoverdracht: Oplevering in overleg, maar uiterlijk binnen 2 maanden na dagtekening, of zoveel eerder als dat de bank de financiering kan uitbetalen;
  • Koopakte model ring Amsterdam, op te maken bij een notaris te Amsterdam naar keuze koper.
  • Voorbehoud van financiering voor € 445,000 euro, termijn 8 weken na tekenen koopakte. Financieringsmogelijkheden zijn al goed uitgezocht, is echt een formaliteit;

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Having Walter looking over our shoulder as an objective party with no financial incentive really helped us come up with the right offer.

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Super awesome services!

Great data generating system indicating the housing price. Employees are very responsive and alway managed to provide great and serious bidding price, which is beneficial for the buyer but also super high acceptable rate for seller too (in our case 100%). We were able to settle with our ideal home with Walter living's help within 1 month. I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for their dream house.

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Walter helped us to go below the asking price with confidence and get the house on the first attempt. Highly recommend the service even if you are usually not data savvy. Steven and team took time to explain all insights to us. My partner who does usually not work with data science insights was able to follow the analysis. We ended up coming to the initial offer without any added stress and discussion. Adding Walter's Pro service was really a no-brainer in the light of such a big decision!

Extremely helpful and a lot of fun!

Walter has been extremely helpful in our negotiation, not only by analysing the data but also clarifying the strategy as well as the execution. Apart from the efficient process, we totally enjoyed the conversations with our consultant Steven (also the founder). It was fun and it worked for us! If you are considering making use of the Walter offering, I would highly recommend it!
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