Everyone deserves a happy home.

Our vision

Owning your dream house makes you a happier person. Walter Living makes the experience of finding a home to buy or sell a lot nicer. How? By giving you facts about a home that truly mean something.

Our technology

We believe in the power of data, technology and design. That's why we're building the best-in-class Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for home appraisals on the market. So we can give you the stone-cold facts. But then understandeable and available for everyone.

Our story

It all started with buying a house.

Walter’s story began when co-founders Steven and Marcel were in the process of buying and selling their homes.

Confronted with confusing valuations, bad communication and zero-to-no practical help they couldn’t help but wonder: Why are people left to navigate one of the biggest decisions of their life without a whole lot of clarity.

As engineers and designers, we’ve set out to change that. Unshackled by the constraints of a traditional agency, we’re uniquely positioned to solve the core problems people run into when buying their new home without bias or an agenda.

We are Walter. It’s in our DNA to re-imagine, build and iterate. We’re creating the new way to buy and sell your home. And we’ve only just begun…

Our people

We're different.

We're no old-school real estate people (well, maybe a few of us). Instead, we're a growing team of designers, engineers and marketeers. Who've grown to love real estate.

Join Walter and shape the future of real estate.

We're always searching for dedicated, creative people to join us in making Walter even better.

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You'll fit right in.

We offer a minimum 25 holiday days, four months paid parental leave, travel stipends, daily lunch and much more. And feel free to dip right in for a refreshing swim alongside our Amsterdam office.
Our brand

Spread the word about Walter – and use these logos when you do.

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Walter brand assets for press use.

Available in: png, jpg, and vector formats. Should you have any questions please reach out to: press@walterliving.com

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Our office
With the power of data, technology and design, Walter is building the future of real estate. We share the raw facts about the housing market. But now understandable and available for everyone.


Prinseneiland 12-A, 1013 LR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CoC-id: 73708585 (Walter Tech B.V.), BTW-id: NL859636033B01


WhatsApp with Walter+31 20 244 31 25