Building report

A building report is an essential document that provides valuable information about the condition of a property. It is a detailed analysis of the structure and identifies any defects, faults, or potential issues that may need attention.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or owner, a building report can provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about the property. In this article, we will explore the key features of a building report and how it can benefit you in the process of buying a property.

What is a building report?

A building report is the account of a building inspection. The report gives you more clarity about the structural condition and any hidden property defects.

The building report covers all the essential and relevant information, costs, condition, or defects of the structural components. Also, the report includes things like foundations, beam structures, insulation, central heating, moisture, concrete rot, window frames, facades, etc.

Is a building inspection report mandatory?

The decision to carry out a building inspection is primarily up to you. You can buy a house without a building inspection. However, it is advisable to have a structural review carried out to check the condition of an (older) home. Hidden defects will then come to light.

How is a structural inspection carried out?

A structural engineer examines the house from the roof to the crawl space and from the wiring to the sewage system. Are the fuse box, lighting fixtures, and sockets working correctly? Is the house subsiding? You are not obliged to be present at the inspection, but it is the best way to look at the home from a different perspective. The inspector will point out defects and explain, and you can ask questions. This is called a walk-through inspection.

The structural inspector will prepare a construction report after inspecting the property. He will document his findings in the report. In doing so, he distinguishes between costs that have to be incurred to maintain the building and those that will be incurred in the future.

What does the building report contain?

The report contains information such as the age and condition of the building, as well as any necessary repairs or renovations that need to be completed. It also gives an estimate of the cost of repairs and the timeline for completing the work. The report should also include a list of recommended professionals and contractors who can help with the repairs.

What does a building report cost?

On average, you should expect to pay 350 euros for a building inspection. In our Walter Buying service, a building inspection is included. We will secure the building inspection for you.

How long does a building inspection take?

A building inspection usually takes one to two hours, depending on the size of the property.

How does a building inspection work?

With a building inspection as a resolutive condition, a potential buyer can dissolve the purchase agreement. However, if the building inspection report shows that the costs of solving the defects exceed a certain amount (determined in your resolutive conditions), the purchase agreement can still be dissolved.

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