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Can Walter help me bid on my new home?

Yes. With Walter, you always make the right offer. Plus, you know you are not paying too much, and you have an estimate of what other bidders are doing.

Create a free property report for every house in the Netherlands. You will find a lot of information that real estate agents usually prefer to keep to themselves.

Walter home-buying service

You pay for our service at the close, at the notary. You are not tied to a subscription. If you sign up for Walter's home-buying service, you get the following benefits in addition to creating free property reports for any house in the Netherlands.

Download free property reports

The more houses you look at, the better you get at comparing. Check out the free property report on Walter before each viewing. Knowledge is power. These reports are independent because they are based on entirely objective data.

Smart viewing

A good purchase starts with the right attitude during the viewing. For example, don't take pictures (sellers don't always approve), and don't discuss how to decorate the house with your partner.

Walter has created a clear overview of the ground rules for viewings. There is no need for us to accompany you to viewings.

Create an account

With your personal Walter Account, you can track the properties you are interested in. Price developments will stand out immediately. Your Walter account also plays an essential role in your daily collaboration with your assigned Walter agent.

Ready to make the bid?

Once you've seen a house you like and want to bid on, tell the real estate agent, "We'll consult and get back to you." You can discuss the house with your Walter agent and ask for a bidding strategy. Your Walter agent will calculate three amounts for you;

  • The valuation value
  • Personal bidding advice
  • The go-all-in amount

After discussing these values, your Walter agent will prepare a professional offer letter that includes your conditions. You stay in contact daily and can ask questions at any time.

Neighborhood analysis

During our value review, we analyze the neighborhood extensively. After all, value does not depend only on square meters and bricks. The neighborhood and the type of house are also elements to consider in your decisions.


Negotiating is in our DNA. We strive for the lowest possible price, but we also consider your conditions and wishes. It is important to remember that negotiations must be conducted professionally, using objective arguments. This is the only way to motivate a sales broker to engage in the conversation.


Our property report is a powerful tool for negotiating while maintaining goodwill.

Home inspection

You comply with your legal investigation obligation with a home inspection, but not every seller likes this kind of inspection. We've come up with a solution for this: our structural engineer only visits when there is an agreement on the price. We try to plan the inspection within the three-day reflection period. For apartments, we check the VVE maintenance plan or the possible debts (which you then automatically take over!). Sometimes this is a reason to reduce the price further.

The right notary

We will help you find a good, affordable notary. Although all notaries perform similar services, quality can be different. Some notaries always deliver flawless results, while others may not. Therefore, it's essential to consider price and quality when selecting.

Official valuation report

The bank most likely requires an official appraisal report. We provide this report tailored to your needs without additional charges. No other purchase broker offers this as part of their package, which is remarkable. After all, the validated appraisal report determines eligibility for your financing.

Your Walter lawyer is always available. Do you have any legal questions? Our lawyer is here for you during daytime hours at no extra cost, without waiting time.

Sales deed check by a lawyer

The selling broker draws up the provisional deed (by a notary in the Amsterdam region). However, since the broker works for the seller, they may be biased. A Walter lawyer reviews the sale deed before you sign to detect any possible adverse clauses. It is important to remember that a broker is not a lawyer.

Monitoring important dates

Monitoring the expiration date of any financing conditions included in the purchase deed is essential to avoid penalties. Additionally, there is more to keep track of, your right to a final inspection, for example. Walter helps you stay on top of it all!


Walter provides aftercare for hidden defects. This care applies not only to subsequent construction defects but also to unfulfilled agreements. Consider, for example, how the house is delivered (this must be "empty and broom clean").


  • You don't have to pay in advance. We trust you, so let's get started. The notary will settle our fixed fee on the day of the transfer. You don't have to make any deposits, there is no start-up fee, and there are no unnecessary 'filing fees.'
  • No-cure, no-pay. If the purchase does not go through for any reason, you owe us nothing, and you are welcome to try again. However, if you previously agreed to the purchase price but back out, we will charge for any external costs we have incurred. These costs may include the building inspection and the appraisal report for the bank.
  • Honest testimonials via Trustpilot. Trustpilot is known for its strict policies and only features honest reviews.
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