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Kleermakerslaan 11
3454GTDe Meern

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Kleermakerslaan 11 3454GT, De Meern

Estimated property value
single-family house
This quintessential and vast row house is located in the calm De Meern-Zuid in De Meern. The property was last sold in 2010.
Investing in property in the De Meern-Zuid is a great investment. Selling prices in the neighborhood have stayed the same. In the De Meern-Zuid, 18 properties were sold in the last quarter. In general, properties in the De Meern-Zuid spend 18 days on the market. So if you're a home buyer, it pays to be decisive.
If you're a family, you'll likely feel at home in the De Meern-Zuid. In total, there are 1,100 households with children living in the neighborhood.
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Kleermakerslaan 11

Price history

When was this home last on the market? Find out if it's been flipped with all the recent price points.
WOZ 2022
€ 417,000 +15.5%
Sold with reservation agreement
Nov 24, 2021
WOZ 2021
€ 361,000 +4.9%
WOZ 2020
€ 344,000 +16.2%
WOZ 2019
€ 296,000 +14.7%
WOZ 2018
€ 258,000 +0.8%
WOZ 2017
€ 256,000 +7.1%
WOZ 2016
€ 239,000 -6.6%
WOZ 2014
€ 256,000

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Land Registry PDF

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Land Registry PDF

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De Meern-Zuid

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Surroundings and property.

The neighborhood, zoning plan and monumental status of a home dictate what you can do with the property. If you want to structurally remodel your home, be sure to consult an expert.

Neighboring properties

Primarily homes

Type of area

De Meern-Zuid

Type of neighborhood


Monumental status


Energy label.

The energy label tells you how energy efficient a house is. Is there no definite energy label registered? Then it's up to the selling party to provide it.
This house has no registered energy label. Ask the selling party.


Depending on where and when a house was built, its foundation may need to be replaced. We've checked whether the foundation of this house is at risk.
It's not necessary to pay extra attention to the foundation, unless there are specific indications. This house was built after 1970, so the foundation should be good. Do pay attention to specific indicators of cracks or sinking, since it's built on Rivierengebied.

Kleermakerslaan 11 · 3454GT, De Meern

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Land Registry, Statistics Netherlands, and many other sources. The figures are presented simply so that you know what to do.

Neighborhood check.

What is happening nearby? Read in the zoning plan whether you can expand, we will also tell you about any noise nuisance.

Foundation check.

We will check for you whether you run the risk of a rotten or subsided foundation.

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Recommended. I used it together with my partner for a couple of months and it was very helpful for us in the process of buying a house. For example, you get to see the estimate value of a property and its surroundings, this can definitely help for not overbidding.
Ile diaz couder Breceda
9 aug. 2021

Great tool

Great tool! Definitely worth the money: I started with the Plus package but quickly upgraded to the Premium that provides way more insights and different scenarios. It really helped us in the process, although we were also assisted by a real estate agent. I also attended one of Walter's workshops and it was really interesting. Definitely recommended.
Lorenzo Iseppi
21 jun. 2021

Walter is an excellent tool to get deep insight

Walter is an excellent tool to get deep insight in the housing market. Its rich information and clear statistics/visualizations make you are ahead of the buyers crowd straight away. Steven and the team navigated me through the wild waters of the housing market with solid advice and personal assistance. I was able to make a successful bid without the help of a real estate broker which saved me €2000. That, while providing a ton more value than the purchase broker that I have worked with previously. A terrific product you have there, way to go Walter!
Joachim Roeleveld
3 jun. 2021

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  • Walter Living not only analyzes data about the Kleermakerslaan 11, but also about the environment. Walter tells you how much above the asking price houses in this neighborhood are sold for and that this above is the market trends in De Meern. Help with the biggest purchase of your life? Walter offers complete buying guidance for a fixed rate in De Meern.

    If you want to know the exact data on how De Meern-Zuid is doing, compared to De Meern, with Walter's Property valuation calculator. Here we tell you not only what is happening, but also the exact percentages. With Walter you can request information about all houses for sale in De Meern-Zuid, De Meern or even the whole of the Netherlands.

  • A Walter report of Kleermakerslaan 11 gives you the most important information experts have, neatly listed. Actually, it is a kind of workbook of this house, where you can easily find all the data about this single-family house and trends in De Meern-Zuid.

    The best thing about Walter, is that you are not limited to just Kleermakerslaan 11. With Walter, you can get info on all houses for sale in De Meern-Zuid, De Meern or even the whole of the Netherlands. Create as many valuation reports as you want.

    Walter's valuation report contains:

    • Property valuation by state of repair
    • Overview of comparable houses
    • Comprehensive analysis of the local housing market in De Meern-Zuid
    • Sales prices and WOZ values of reference properties in De Meern-Zuid
  • Yes. Walter is designed to help you place the winning bid for Kleermakerslaan 11 in De Meern.

    A Walter buying agent walks you through the bidding behavior in De Meern-Zuid, how much people bid above the asking price, the purchase prices of comparable homes, and three data-driven bidding strategies. Each strategy shows you exactly how much chance you have of making Kleermakerslaan 11 in De Meern your new home. Walter contains a detailed report with all current market information for this this single-family house in De Meern.

    In short, with Walter, you get direct access to:

    • 1 on 1 advice from your own Walter home buying expert
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  • The WOZ-value for Kleermakerslaan 11 in De Meern was € 417,000 in 2022. Get more info about the current and past WOZ-value of Kleermakerslaan 11 with Walter. We'll give you an overview of the historic development of the value since 2016.

    You can get access to the WOZ values for Kleermakerslaan 11 in De Meern by getting a subscription to Walter. With Walter, you get unlimited access to our detailed valuation reports.