Best things and drawbacks to living in De Huet fase 6 + 7

Living in De Huet fase 6 + 7 in Doetinchem offers several advantages and disadvantages for residents. Let's dive into the pros and cons of this Dutch neighborhood.


  • Green spaces: The area is surrounded by parks and greenery, providing a pleasant environment for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  • Proximity to amenities: Residents have easy access to supermarkets, schools, and healthcare facilities, making daily life convenient.
  • Public transportation: The neighborhood is well-connected by bus and train, allowing for easy travel within Doetinchem and to nearby cities.


  • Limited nightlife: De Huet fase 6 + 7 is primarily a residential area, so there are fewer options for dining and entertainment compared to the city center.
  • Noise pollution: The neighborhood is close to a railway line, which may cause noise disturbances for some residents.
  • Traffic congestion: During peak hours, traffic can be heavy in the area, leading to longer travel times and increased air pollution.

What does De Huet fase 6 + 7 offer?

De Huet fase 6 + 7 is a pleasant neighborhood in the town of Doetinchem, offering a mix of pros and cons for potential homebuyers. One of its main selling points is the well-planned layout, providing residents with easy access to essential amenities such as schools, shops, and parks. The area is also known for its peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for families and those seeking a quiet living environment.

On the downside, De Huet fase 6 + 7 lacks the vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions found in larger cities, which may be a drawback for some. Additionally, public transportation options are somewhat limited, so having a car is recommended for convenient commuting.

In conclusion, De Huet fase 6 + 7 in Doetinchem is a suitable option for homebuyers seeking a tranquil neighborhood with essential amenities nearby. However, those craving a more bustling urban experience may want to explore other options.

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Housing market De Huet fase 6 + 7

The real estate market in Doetinchem saw 119 homes sold last quarter, a number that fell to 98 this quarter. The average transaction price went from 360,772 euros last quarter to 365,699 euros this quarter. In terms of 2 eurosm2, the average transaction price was 2,908 euros last quarter and is now 2,935 euros. The average list price also saw a change, going from 364,642 euros last quarter to 374,842 euros this quarter. The average WOZ-value of homes this year is 296,262 euros, compared to 251,772 euros last year.

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