Dordrecht, a charming Dutch town, is known for its rich history and picturesque canals. This quaint destination boasts a well-preserved historic center, where visitors can explore the beautiful architecture and winding streets. One of the main attractions is the Grote Kerk, a stunning church with an impressive tower that offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. The town also features numerous museums, galleries, and shops, providing a delightful cultural experience for all ages.

With its serene atmosphere and friendly community, Dordrecht is an ideal place for those looking to settle down in a peaceful environment. The town offers a variety of housing options, from charming historic homes to modern apartments, catering to different preferences and budgets. Overall, Dordrecht is a lovely choice for anyone seeking a tranquil and picturesque place to call home.

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In Dordrecht, 870 homes were sold this quarter, compared to 1125 in the previous quarter. The average transaction price went from 362,903 euros to 363,816 euros, while the average transaction price per sqm changed from 3,379 euros to 3,343 euros. The average list price shifted from 352,428 euros to 358,773 euros, and the average list price per sqm moved from 3,266 euros to 3,306 euros. The average sale price was 102.5% of the list price. The average WOZ value rose from 248,743 euros in 2022 to 299,006 euros in 2023.

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