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Division deed

A notary prepares a division deed to divide a building into several apartment rights. This deed states which apartment rights there are and where they are situated. Each separate dwelling in the building then falls under an apartment right.

Division deed and the VvE

An owners' association (VvE) is also established in the deed of division, and the VvE's regulations are established. What must be included in the deed of division is laid down by law (Article 5:111 of the Civil Code). For example, it must contain a description of the building, name the apartments and determine each owner's share.

The regulations of the demerger deed

Furthermore, the division deed contains regulations describing which parts of the building are common and which are for private use. The regulations are usually based on one of the model regulations prepared by professional groups of notaries. The regulations also describe the rights and obligations of the apartment owners.

Subdivision drawing of the subdivision deed

Reference is often made to a division drawing, which provides a visual representation of the division of the building into apartment rights. If there is a contradiction between the drawing and the division deed, the court must determine which takes precedence.

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