The local property prices in Kootwijk.

If you buy a home in Kootwijk you'll be sitting alright. The average property value remained equal the past year with 0% to an average price of € 0 per square meter. This means Kootwijk is better compared to the average property value in gemeente Barneveld. Here the average home price remained equal with -4.0% to € 3,991 per square meter. In comparison to the rest of the Netherlands, Kootwijk is ahead. In the entire Netherlands, prices rose with -5.0%.

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Housing market Kootwijk

The real estate market in Kootwijk saw 112 houses sold this quarter, down from 139 in the previous quarter. The average transaction price this quarter was 491,002 euros, slightly higher than the 458,428 euros of the last quarter. The average transaction price per square meter also saw a slight rise, from 3,750 euros last quarter to 3,795 euros this quarter. The average list price went from 454,043 euros last quarter to 493,521 euros this quarter. The average WOZ-value, a measure of property value in the Netherlands, went from 592,757 euros in 2022 to 705,169 euros in 2023.

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