The local housing market in Losdorp.

As an owner of a home in Losdorp you'll be sitting fine. The average property price remained the same the past year with 0% to an average price of € 0 per square meter. This means Losdorp is the same compared to the average property price in gemeente Delfzijl (0.0% / € 2,271 per square meter). In comparison to the rest of the Netherlands, Losdorp is ahead. In the entire Netherlands, prices fell by 1.0%.

Buying agent in Losdorp

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Living in Losdorp in Losdorp.

In the neighborhood Losdorp in Losdorp it makes for quiet living. With a population density of 592 residents per square kilometer and 70 of households, you can be sure to find adequate calm. Most residents in Losdorp are between 65 jaar of ouder old and in total there are 15 families. The average household consists of two personen, so there is enough people to talk to for a a retiree. The biggest contingent are in this typically Dutch neighborhood between the 65 jaar of ouder, which is reflected in the amount of two-person households. Furthermore 10% of the inhabitants is between 0 tot 15 jaar, 10% between 15 tot 25 jaar and 13% between 25 tot 45 jaar.

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