Best things and drawbacks to living in Sittard-Centrum

In Sittard-Centrum, you'll find a variety of pros that make it an attractive neighborhood for living. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Central location: Being in the heart of Sittard, you'll have easy access to shops, restaurants, and other amenities.
  • Historic charm: The neighborhood boasts beautiful architecture and historic buildings, giving it a unique character.
  • Green spaces: Despite its central location, Sittard-Centrum offers several parks and green areas for relaxation and recreation.
  • Public transportation: The neighborhood is well-connected with bus and train services, making it convenient for commuting or traveling.

On the other hand, there are some cons to consider when thinking about living in Sittard-Centrum. These include:

  • Noise levels: As a bustling neighborhood, noise from traffic and nightlife can be an issue for some residents.
  • Limited parking: Due to its central location, finding parking can be challenging, especially during peak hours or events.
  • Higher cost of living: The neighborhood's popularity and central location can result in a higher cost of living compared to other areas in Sittard.
  • Smaller living spaces: Many of the historic buildings have been converted into apartments, which can be smaller and less spacious than modern homes.

What does Sittard-Centrum offer?

Sittard-Centrum is a charming neighborhood located in the quaint town of Sittard. This area boasts a lively atmosphere, with a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants to explore. One of the main selling points is its rich history, evident in the well-preserved architecture and historic sites.

The neighborhood is well-connected, with public transportation options making it easy to commute to other parts of the town. However, parking can be a challenge, especially during peak hours. Green spaces are limited, but the nearby parks offer a pleasant escape from the bustling streets.

From a safety perspective, Sittard-Centrum is generally secure, but it's essential to remain vigilant, particularly at night. The cost of living is relatively affordable, with a range of housing options to suit different budgets.

In conclusion, Sittard-Centrum is an attractive option for homebuyers seeking a vibrant neighborhood with a rich history and a lively atmosphere.

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Housing market Sittard-Centrum

The real estate market in Sittard saw 146 homes sold this quarter, a rise from 116 in the previous quarter. The average transaction price this quarter was 334,894 euros, compared to 349,596 euros last quarter. The average transaction price per square meter this quarter was 2,662 euros, slightly higher than the 2,596 euros last quarter. The average list price dropped to 331,072 euros this quarter from 360,922 euros in the last quarter. The average WOZ-value went from 221,318 euros in 2022 to 260,562 euros in 2023.

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