Oss is a municipality in the province of Noord-Brabant and has an area of 170,93km².

The housing market in Oss

In Oss 127 houses were sold in the last quarter. 343 houses were sold in the same quarter of a year before. This is a decrease of 63,0% in the number of homes sold.

In the past quarter, the average asking price in Oss was € 341.114 compared to € 330.478 the previous quarter The average asking price has therefore increased 3,2%.

The average asking price per square meter is € 2.780 this quarter compared to € 2.463 the previous quarter.

The average price per square meter therefore seems to increase with the average asking price.

On average, people in Oss paid 3,5% above the list price for a home in the past quarter.

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