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Discover the real value of Wintertuin 31 yourself.

Good to know: 445 homes were sold in Barneveld last year, of which 128 went above list price.
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  • All market trends in one place
  • Present-day home value according to Walter
  • Recent transactions in the area
  • Instantly available online
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Walter calculates for how much you can renovate Wintertuin 31 safely. That way, you can be sure you'll earn back that marble bathroom.

Estimated price per m² after renovation
€ 3.357/m²
Based on 21 transactions in the past year
List price per m²
€ 3.211/m²
For sale for: € 449.500
Renovation budget
€ 20.500
You can safely remodel the 140m² living area for € 146 per m².

All the important info about a home on a silver platter. These were the most notable transactions in Barneveld in the past year.

Most comparable.
Two of a kind. This house is the most similar to the home you're looking at.
Wintertuin 23
Wintertuin 23
±5% below list price
Wintertuin 23
3772VL Barneveld
The fixer-upper.
The diamond in the rough. This home was sold for the lowest price per m².
Lentetuin 24
Lentetuin 24
±4% below list price
Lentetuin 24
3772VT Barneveld
Ultimate luxury.
The golden ticket. This home was sold for the highest price per m² in the area.
Herfsttuin 35
Herfsttuin 35
±1% below list price
Herfsttuin 35
3772VJ Barneveld
Your dedicated buying agent will advise on your new home and negotiate on your behalf.
  • Check the facts with a Walter data analist
  • Help with creating the perfect offer
  • A data-driven offer strategy
  • Exact transaction prices of comparable homes
  • Analysis of bidding behavior in the area
  • We’re with you until you buy a home

On-demand advice about the best offer.

Keep your cool when putting out an offer on a house. Go through the pros and cons of a specific listing with a Walter data analyst. We present a full report that covers all the details about the house and the area. And we’ll tell you exactly how much chance you have of winning the house depending on your offer.

Home buying, simplified. Walter paints a clear picture of the value of a home in seconds. Everything in a single place. Instant access.

  1. Development of prices in the past 10 years.
  2. Value per home condition.
  3. Everything about current comparable homes.
Check comparable homes.
Get inside info about the 21 comparable homes that were sold in the past year.
Local market trends.
Know that the average winning bid in Barneveld is 1% above list price.
Listing history.
Has this home really been on the market for 25 days or did the realtor take it offline for a while?
Insights in the value.
The WOZ-value of this single-family house has increased with 22% since 2015.

9 out of 10 customers who use Walter to buy a home recommend our service.

An overheated housing market can make buying a home very difficult. The only way to not get swept up in the madness, is by having access to the right information. The combination of a real estate agent and the knowledge of Walter Living gave us that perfect combination.”
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  • Sweet! Wintertuin 31 has been on the market since Jun 19, 2020. That means you can make an offer and try to make this single-family house your own.

    How do you make sure you make the right offer and will be able to call Barneveld your home? That’s where a good strategy comes in. And for that you need all the facts.

    Walter valuation reports give you all the information that’s usually reserved for the expert few, easily digestible for € 2,99 per address. It’s like a workbook for Wintertuin 31, where you'll be able to find everything you need to know. If you're in it for the long haul, you can buy a Plus subscription for € 8,99 per month and take all the time you need.

  • Walter Living goes beyond analyzing the basic data about Wintertuin 31. We look at all the ingredients that make up the value of a house, including the neighborhood. Walter tells you exactly for how much properties were sold above the asking price, and if it’s above market trends in Barneveld.

    If you’d like to know the exact stats about how this Barneveld performs compared to the rest of Barneveld, get Walter Plus . We’ll give you all the facts, percentages included. With a subscription to Walter Plus, you can check and compare the info about all the homes that are for sale in Barneveld, Barneveld or even the whole country for € 8,99.

  • The Walter home value report for Wintertuin 31 will give you the most important information that’s usually reserved for the expert few, laid out in a way you’ll understand. It’s pretty much the workbook for this home, where you’ll find neat overviews of the facts about this this single-family house and the trends in Barneveld.

    The best part is that you're not limited to just Wintertuin 31. With Walter Plus, you can check and compare the info about all the homes that are for sale in Barneveld, Barneveld or even the whole country. By taking a subscription to Walter Plus, you get unlimited access to our detailed valuation reports for € 8,99 per month. If you want to test the waters, you can always give Walter valuation report a try. Buy a valuation report for a single address for € 2,99.

    Walter valuation reports contain:

    • Basic information about this home
    • Home valuation per home condition
    • Renovation budget
    • Extensive analysis of the local housing market in Barneveld
    • Selling prices and WOZ values of most comparable properties in Barneveld
    • All the official documents from the Kadaster about Wintertuin 31 for € 14,95
  • The automated system of Walter Living crunches data about the housing market at lightning speed. We take millions of data points and turn them into plain English to help you get smart about buying a home.

    You can get unlimited access to our data, helping you go house hunting with confidence. Our services range from on-demand help with creating the perfect offer with Walter Pro, to access to unlimited home valuation reports with Walter Plus. There are never any extra costs and our Walter Plus subscription can be canceled at any time.

    All the data that's processed by Walter Living is imported from public sources, such as the Kadaster, CBS, RIVM, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, KCAF, and Open data Overheid.

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  • Yes. Walter Pro is designed to help you put out a winning offer for € 499. So yeah. If you'd like, we'd love to help you make an offer on Wintertuin 31, Barneveld.

    Walter Pro includes a detailed report that covers all the important factors for this single-family house. A Walter data analyst walks you through the bidding behavior in Barneveld, how much people bid above the asking price, the sales prices of comparable homes and three data-backed bidding strategies. Each strategy shows you exactly how much chance you have of winning Wintertuin 31.

    We'll give you advice based on your preferences. If you really want Wintertuin 31, we'll advise you to go all-in. In the end, it's up to you to decide what you want to offer on Wintertuin 31.

    In short, with Walter Pro you'll be walked through the facts by a Walter data analyst:

    • Help to create the perfect offer
    • A data-driven offer strategy for Wintertuin 31, Barneveld
    • Exact transaction prices of comparable homes in Barneveld
    • Analysis of bidding behavior in Barneveld
    • Help until you buy a home

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  • The WOZ-value for Wintertuin 31 in Barneveld was € 422.000 in 2019. Get more info about the current and past WOZ-value of Wintertuin 31 with Walter Plus. We'll give you an overview of the historic development of the value since 2016.

    You can get access to the WOZ values for Wintertuin 31 in Barneveld by getting a subscription to Walter Plus. With Walter Plus, you get unlimited access to our detailed valuation reports for € 8,99 per month.