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Achterstebree 9
Achterstebree 9 · 9403JL, Assen

What is a fair price for Achterstebree 9?

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Achterstebree 9
Offer won in Assen

What is a fair price for this property?

Achterstebree 9
€ 123,456
Desktop Valuation
€ 123,456
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Walter Living has built a data-driven system that processes all kinds of data about the housing market at lightning speed. So then, we brew a straightforward story from millions of data points so you can go house-hunting more reassuringly.

You can get unlimited access to our data, allowing you to buy a house more confidently. There are no hidden fees at Walter. Walter offers complete buying service at a flat rate whatever your buying process, a buying agent from Walter will always help you!

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Walter's buyer's agent always works online, because that's the fastest. Walter is always faster than local brokers. When using a local broker, it is more likely that he knows the other party's broker well, which means that there is less pressure on each other.

Sweet! Achterstebree 9 has been for sale since Apr 12, 2024. This means that you can place a bid for this single-family house.

But how do you ensure that you make the right offer and that you can live Assen You need a good negotiation strategy for that. And for that you need to know more facts.

With Walter you get the most important information that experts have.

Walter Living not only analyzes data about the Achterstebree 9, but also about the surroundings. Walter tells you how much around the asking price houses in this neighborhood are sold for and that this is around the market trends in Assen. Need help with the biggest purchase of your life? Walter offers complete buying service for a fixed rate in Assen.

If you want to know the exact data on how Marsdijk is doing, compared to Assen, use Walter's property value calculator. Here we not only tell what is happening, but also the exact percentages. With Walter you can request information about all houses for sale in Marsdijk, Assen or even the whole of the Netherlands.

A Walter report of Achterstebree 9 gives you the most important information experts have, neatly listed. Actually, it is a kind of workbook of this house, where you can easily find all the data about this single-family house and trends in Marsdijk.

The best thing about Walter, is that you are not limited to just Achterstebree 9. With Walter, you can get info on all houses for sale in Marsdijk, Assen or even the whole of the Netherlands. Create as many valuation reports as you want.

Walter's valuation report contains:

  • Property valuation by state of repair
  • Overview of comparable houses
  • Comprehensive analysis of the local housing market in Marsdijk
  • Sales prices and WOZ values of reference properties in Marsdijk

Yes. Walter is designed to help you place the winning bid for Achterstebree 9 in Assen.

A Walter buying agent walks you through the bidding behavior in Marsdijk, how much people bid above the asking price, the purchase prices of comparable homes, and three data-driven bidding strategies. Each strategy shows you exactly how much chance you have of making Achterstebree 9 in Assen your new home. Walter contains a detailed report with all current market information for this this single-family house in Assen.

In short, with Walter, you get direct access to:

  • 1 on 1 advice from your own Walter home buying expert
  • Customized bid advice for Achterstebree 9, Assen
  • Exact purchase prices of 100+ comparable homes in Marsdijk
  • Analysis of the bidding behavior in Marsdijk, Assen
  • We are your source of information during the entire purchase process
  • Your Walter purchasing agent negotiates the best conditions and competitive prices on your behalf.
  • We do a legal check purchase agreement
  • We help you find the right notary

Are you going to buy it with us? Then you pay a fixed low rate for the entire guidance with us. So lovely and clear. The full amount will be settled at the notary.

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The WOZ-value for Achterstebree 9 in Assen was € 359,000 in 2024. Get more info about the current and past WOZ-value of Achterstebree 9 with Walter.