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Fortuinlaan 29

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Walter property report
1561JA, Krommenie
single-family house
Estimated value
€ 306,000 – € 336,000
This exclusive and snug row house is located in the dynamic Snuiverbuurt in Krommenie. The house was last sold in 2021.
Investing in house in the Snuiverbuurt is a risky investment. Sales prices in the neighborhood have increased slower than in all off Krommenie. In the Snuiverbuurt, 11 houses were sold in the last quarter. In general, houses in the Snuiverbuurt spend 23 days on the market. So if you're a home buyer, it pays to be decisive.
If you're a family, you'll likely feel at home in the Snuiverbuurt. In total, there are 465 households with children living in the neighborhood.
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In Snuiverbuurt the average offer is 12% above list price.

Address Living List price Purchase price
Fortuinlaan 29 71m² - View purchase price →
Fortuinlaan 21 86m² · (15m² bigger) € 335,000 View purchase price →
Fortuinlaan 14 72m² · (1m² bigger) € 275,000 View purchase price →
Parklaan 17 78m² · (7m² bigger) € 350,000 View purchase price →
Vlusch 44 76m² · (5m² bigger) € 315,000 View purchase price →
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After a long house hunt, we were finally able to make a winning offer thanks to Walter. We definitely recommend Walter!
Sept 17 2021
Great site, all relevant information clearly and conveniently displayed. More than worth the money!
Oct 19 2021
Great site and gives a quick indication of what your house is really worth.
Oct 13 2021

Discover the real valuation for Fortuinlaan 29 in Krommenie.

Looking for a reliable indication of the current home value for Fortuinlaan 29 ? At Walter you can view the purchase information of recently sold comparable homes.

Fortuinlaan 29, Krommenie

View purchase price information of 25 comparable homes.

View recently sold homes that have the greatest effect on the home value of Fortuinlaan 29, Krommenie.
Fortuinlaan 21
1561JA0.04km away
Date of sale
May 13, 2022
Living area
86(15m² bigger)
List price
€ 335,000 ·€ 3,895/m²
Fortuinlaan 14
1561JD0.08km away
Date of sale
Sep 27, 2021
Living area
72(1m² bigger)
List price
€ 275,000 ·€ 3,819/m²
Parklaan 17
1561CM0.53km away
Date of sale
Apr 23, 2022
Living area
78(7m² bigger)
List price
€ 350,000 ·€ 4,487/m²
Vlusch 44
1561PR1.04km away
Date of sale
Jan 20, 2022
Living area
76(5m² bigger)
List price
€ 315,000 ·€ 4,144/m²

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Fortuinlaan 29

Get the deets on this home and its surroundings

Walter property report

Fortuinlaan 29, 1561JA, Krommenie

Purchase prices of comparable houses.

Selling prices for 25 homes are available

Fortuinlaan 29, 1561JA, Krommenie

Price development in 10 years.

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Fortuinlaan 29, 1561JA, Krommenie

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Wat we weten overFortuinlaan 29.


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Fortuinlaan 29, Krommenie

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Recommended. I used it together with my partner for a couple of months and it was very helpful for us in the process of buying a house. For example, you get to see the estimate value of a property and its surroundings, this can definitely help for not overbidding.
Ile diaz couder Breceda
9 aug. 2021

Great tool

Great tool! Definitely worth the money: I started with the Plus package but quickly upgraded to the Premium that provides way more insights and different scenarios. It really helped us in the process, although we were also assisted by a real estate agent. I also attended one of Walter's workshops and it was really interesting. Definitely recommended.
Lorenzo Iseppi
21 jun. 2021

Walter is an excellent tool to get deep insight

Walter is an excellent tool to get deep insight in the housing market. Its rich information and clear statistics/visualizations make you are ahead of the buyers crowd straight away. Steven and the team navigated me through the wild waters of the housing market with solid advice and personal assistance. I was able to make a successful bid without the help of a real estate broker which saved me €2000. That, while providing a ton more value than the purchase broker that I have worked with previously. A terrific product you have there, way to go Walter!
Joachim Roeleveld
3 jun. 2021

The only way to not get swept up in the madness, is by having access to the right information."

Bought her home with Walter in Amsterdam, NL

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  • Too bad! It looks like Fortuinlaan 29 isn’t for sale. That means you can’t make this single-family house your home right now. Are you looking to find a similar place in Krommenie? Check out the comparable homes in Snuiverbuurt that are for sale.

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  • The WOZ-value for Fortuinlaan 29 in Krommenie was € 242,000 in 2022. Get more info about the current and past WOZ-value of Fortuinlaan 29 with Walter Plus. We'll give you an overview of the historic development of the value since 2016.

    You can get access to the WOZ values for Fortuinlaan 29 in Krommenie by getting a subscription to Walter Plus. With Walter Plus, you get unlimited access to our detailed valuation reports for € 8,99 per month.

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