Best things and drawbacks to living in Schuilenburg

Schuilenburg, a neighborhood in Amersfoort, offers several pros and cons when it comes to livability. Let's dive into the positive aspects first:

  • Green spaces: Schuilenburg boasts numerous parks and green areas, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  • Proximity to amenities: The neighborhood has a good selection of shops, restaurants, and schools, making daily life convenient for its residents.
  • Public transportation: Schuilenburg is well-connected to other parts of Amersfoort and beyond, thanks to its efficient public transportation system.

On the other hand, there are some cons to consider when thinking about living in Schuilenburg:

  • Noise pollution: Due to its location near major roads and highways, Schuilenburg can experience higher levels of noise pollution, which might be bothersome for some residents.
  • Limited nightlife: While there are some dining and entertainment options in the area, Schuilenburg's nightlife scene is relatively limited compared to other neighborhoods in Amersfoort.
  • Aesthetic appeal: The neighborhood features a mix of architectural styles, and some areas may lack the charm and character found in other parts of the town.

What does Schuilenburg offer?

Schuilenburg, located in the charming town of Amersfoort, offers a pleasant living experience for its residents. This Dutch neighborhood boasts a mix of modern and traditional architecture, providing a visually appealing environment. One of its key selling points is the abundance of green spaces, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and families seeking a healthy lifestyle.

The area is well-connected to public transportation, making it easy to commute to other parts of Amersfoort and beyond. Schuilenburg also offers a variety of local amenities, such as shops, schools, and healthcare facilities, ensuring residents have everything they need within close proximity.

On the downside, the neighborhood can be quite busy during peak hours, which may be a concern for those seeking a quieter environment. Additionally, housing prices in Schuilenburg tend to be higher compared to other neighborhoods in Amersfoort.

In conclusion, Schuilenburg is an attractive option for homebuyers who value a well-connected, green neighborhood with a range of amenities. However, potential buyers should be prepared for a bustling atmosphere and higher housing costs.

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Housing market Schuilenburg

The real estate market in Amersfoort saw 1104 homes sold this quarter, a slight decrease from the 1137 sold in the previous quarter. The average transaction price this quarter was 469,364 euros, up from the previous quarter's 449,503 euros. The average transaction price per square meter also rose, from 4,167 euros to 4,307 euros. The average list price went from 455,022 euros last quarter to 469,380 euros this quarter. The average WOZ-value, a measure of property value in the Netherlands, went from 356,646 euros in 2022 to 423,049 euros in 2023.

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