Best things and drawbacks to living in Van Lennepbuurt

Living in Van Lennepbuurt, a neighborhood in Amsterdam, offers several advantages and disadvantages. Let's dive into the pros and cons of this area:


  • Proximity to amenities: Van Lennepbuurt is close to various shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it convenient for residents to access daily necessities and enjoy leisure activities.
  • Green spaces: The neighborhood has several parks and green areas, such as the Elandsgracht and the Vondelpark, providing residents with opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation.
  • Public transportation: Van Lennepbuurt is well-connected to other parts of Amsterdam through trams and buses, making it easy for residents to commute and explore the city.


  • Noise levels: Due to its central location and bustling streets, Van Lennepbuurt can be quite noisy, which might be a concern for those seeking a quieter living environment.
  • Parking: Finding a parking spot in Van Lennepbuurt can be challenging, as the area is densely populated and has limited parking spaces.
  • Tourist crowds: The neighborhood attracts a significant number of tourists, which can lead to crowded streets and public spaces, especially during peak seasons.

What does Van Lennepbuurt offer?

Van Lennepbuurt is a charming neighborhood located in the bustling city of Amsterdam. Known for its picturesque streets and historic architecture, this area offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. One of the main selling points is its proximity to the famous Vondelpark, providing residents with easy access to green spaces for relaxation and recreation.

The neighborhood boasts a diverse range of shops, cafes, and restaurants, catering to various tastes and budgets. Public transportation is easily accessible, making it convenient for commuters to travel throughout the city. However, parking can be a challenge due to limited spaces and high demand.

In terms of housing, Van Lennepbuurt offers a mix of traditional Dutch townhouses and contemporary apartments, with prices varying depending on the property type and location. Overall, this neighborhood is an excellent choice for those seeking a vibrant, well-connected area with a rich history and plenty of amenities.

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Housing market Van Lennepbuurt

In Amsterdam, 4,143 homes were sold last quarter, while 3,561 were sold this quarter. The average transaction price went from 628,909 euros last quarter to 582,349 euros this quarter. The average transaction price per square meter was 7,635 euros last quarter and 7,380 euros this quarter. The average list price was 603,141 euros last quarter and 571,568 euros this quarter. The average WOZ value went from 443,923 euros in 2022 to 533,749 euros in 2023.

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