The local property prices in Overveen.

With a property in Overveen you'll be sitting in some peril. The average price of a property dimished the past year with -16.0% to an average price of € 5,552 per square meter. This means Overveen is worse compared to the average price of a property in gemeente Bloemendaal. Here the average home price dimished with -10.0% to € 5,438 per square meter. In comparison to the rest of Holland, Overveen is behind. In the entire Netherlands, prices rose with -5.0%.

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Housing market Overveen

The real estate market in Overveen saw 9 homes sold last quarter, a slight decrease from the previous quarter's 8. The average transaction price last quarter was 825,111 euros, compared to the previous quarter's 923,250 euros. The average transaction price per square meter also saw a decrease, going from 6,005 euros last quarter to 5,626 euros this quarter. The average list price last quarter was 812,944 euros, a significant increase from this quarter's 963,125 euros. The average WOZ-value of homes this year is 872,210 euros, compared to last year's 988,634 euros

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