Rotterdam is a bustling city in the Netherlands, known for its modern architecture and vibrant cultural scene. The city's skyline is dominated by the iconic Erasmus Bridge, which spans the Maas River and connects the northern and southern parts of the town. Rotterdam is also home to Europe's largest port, making it a hub for international trade and commerce.

One of the main attractions in Rotterdam is the Markthal, an impressive indoor market hall that offers a wide variety of food and shopping options. The city also boasts numerous museums, galleries, and theaters, providing ample opportunities for entertainment and cultural enrichment.

In terms of transportation, Rotterdam has an extensive public transport network, including trams, buses, and a metro system, making it easy to navigate and explore the city.

From a home buying perspective, Rotterdam offers a diverse range of housing options, from modern apartments to charming townhouses, catering to various tastes and budgets. With its thriving economy, rich cultural offerings, and excellent transport links, Rotterdam is an attractive option for those looking to settle in a dynamic and cosmopolitan city.

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In Rotterdam, 926 homes were sold this quarter, compared to 1,176 last quarter. The average transaction price went from 419,125 euros to 425,459 euros, while the average transaction price per square meter slightly changed from 4,212 euros to 4,216 euros. The average list price shifted from 414,389 euros to 426,303 euros, and the average list price per square meter increased from 4,123 euros to 4,205 euros. The average WOZ value experienced a significant change, going from 282,035 euros in 2022 to 328,084 euros in 2023.

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